Wellness at work

Helping your employees feel confident in uncertain times

October 05, 2020 Lisa Mahoney | Amiqus Season 1 Episode 3
Wellness at work
Helping your employees feel confident in uncertain times
Show Notes

No one on the planet can offer us certainty about what will or won't happen.

That's always been the case, but right now it's at the forefront of everyone's minds. It's creating a lot of anxiety and reducing our levels of confidence.

How can employers create a sense of safety, trust and confidence in the workplace when the world is sending a very different message?

Lisa Mahoney speaks to Jessica Boston, an award-winning hypnotherapist on:

  • Why we're all feeling so anxious
  • How leaders can unintentionally make things worse
  • What employers can do to create an environment that feels safe and build trust and confidence in their people

Listen to Jessica's album.


A note from your host: Apologies for the sound quality of this episode, which isn't the best. It improves as the episode goes on and we thought it would be a shame to waste Jessica's fantastic insight.

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About Amiqus
Amiqus is but a wee Scottish tech for good company, driven by its values of trust, accessibility and privacy. But this podcast isn't about our tech product or what we do day to day. It's about the culture that we've worked hard to create which really has employee wellbeing at the very heart of it. Utilising what we've learned over the years and some very knowledgeable friends and contacts, we bring you this podcast to help you navigate employee wellbeing in a very challenging time.