Wellness at work

Helping your employees identify their mental health issues

October 12, 2020 Lisa Mahoney | Amiqus Season 1 Episode 4
Wellness at work
Helping your employees identify their mental health issues
Show Notes

Mental health isn't just a measure of how stressed or anxious we are feeling. But it's not always easy to recognise that what we're experiencing. And it's even harder to know where to turn for help, particularly when NHS mental health services seem to be overwhelmed.

With our work and home lives more blended than ever before, employers can and should take some responsibility for helping their people take the first step in taking better care of their mental health.

Lisa Mahoney speaks to Verity Hart and Nicola Green from After the Storm on:

  • Why we need better access to mental health services
  • How employers can help people take the first step to feeling better
  • Why employers should open the door to difficult conversations

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About Amiqus
Amiqus is but a wee Scottish tech for good company, driven by its values of trust, accessibility and privacy. But this podcast isn't about our tech product or what we do day to day. It's about the culture that we've worked hard to create which really has employee wellbeing at the very heart of it. Utilising what we've learned over the years and some very knowledgeable friends and contacts, we bring you this podcast to help you navigate employee wellbeing in a very challenging time.