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Wellness at work

Lisa Mahoney | Amiqus

Employers are facing a big problem right now. Mental health issues are on the rise and budgets are tighter than they've been in a long time. How can we navigate this situation? How can we create or improve a wellness culture within a place of work on a shoestring budget? The Wellness at work podcast is brought to you by Amiqus, hosted by Lisa Mahoney. Amiqus is but a wee Scottish tech for good company, driven by its values of trust, accessibility and privacy. But this podcast isn't about our tech product or what we do day to day. It's about the culture that we've worked hard to create which really has employee wellbeing at the very heart of it. Utilising what we've learned over the years and some very knowledgeable friends and contacts, we bring you this podcast to help you navigate wellness in your organisation during a very challenging time. Hosted by our very own wellness lead, Lisa Mahoney, we cover all aspects of wellbeing, including loneliness, gratitude, finance, nutrition, mental health first aid, trust and trauma. All episodes are recorded over Zoom and from home, so you can expect some imperfect sound quality, unstable connections and interruptions from pets and children. None of which take away from the insight and advice provided by our brilliant guests. amiqus.co/wellness-at-work